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              National City CA Real Estate Spotlight National City Dock


              Our National City CA real estate spotlight on a central Southern California location.

              As the second oldest city in San Diego County, National City sits in the center of 5 million residents. Only a 21-minute drive to Tijuana, Mexico and an 11-minute drive to San Diego.


              National City CA Real Estate History


              Originally called “Rancho del Rey” (Ranch of the King) during the Spanish rule. In 1795, it served as grazing land for cattle.

              In 1828, its name changed to “Rancho de la Nación” (Ranch of the Nation).

              After the end of the Mexican-American War, the U.S. government granted John Forster a patented land grant in 1866.

              In 1868, the Kimball brothers bought the land and built roads and a wharf which attracted a railroad link to the fledgling city. Advertised as “The most healthful climate on earth” attracted settlors. This led to beautiful Victorian homes on tree-lined streets.

              In 1887, National City became incorporated adopting the Ranch of the Nation name into its own.


              National City CA Real Estate Spotlight old terrace house national city


              National City CA Facts


              2010 Census put the population at 58,582 while a 2018 estimate puts it at 61,431.

              The land area covers 7.3 square miles.

              Located on the border of San Diego to the east and north, San Diego Bay on its west, Chula Vista to its south, and unincorporated areas of Bonita and Lincoln Acres to the south and southeast.

              Nearby freeways where I-805 and I-5 cross the city from north to south with State Route 54 on its southern edge.


              National City CA Real Estate Market 2019


              Trulia claims these National City real estate market facts in 2019 from a Trulia survey:

              • Good sidewalks = 88%;
              • Walkable to grocery stores = 76%;
              • Well-kept yards = 68%
              • Dog-friendly = 66%;
              • Quiet = 66%; and
              • Holiday spirit = 65%.


              Zillow provides the following National City real estate market facts in 2019:

              • The?Median Home Value = $440,800;
              • Median Sale Price = $436,400;
              • Median List Price per Square Foot = $335; and
              • National City Home Prices = Up 5.6% over the past year.


              Redfin states the following National City real estate market facts for August 2019:

              • Average Sale Price = $479,000; and
              • Median Sale Price per Square Foot = $346.

              Redfin Overview – National City “somewhat walkable” where some errands accomplished walking and public transit available. Minimum infrastructure for biking.


              Neighborhood Scout claims these National City real estate market facts in 2019:

              • Median Home Value = $472,330; and
              • Single-family homes most popular with homeowners in National City.


              Realtor makes these National City real estate market facts in August 2019:

              • Median Listing Home Price = $459,000;
              • Median Listing Home Price per Square Foot = $341; and
              • The Median Sold Home Price = $459,000.

              Thus, listed homes sell at their listed price. This creates a seller’s market.


              National City CA Real Estate Spotlight House


              Confused by the Different Home Prices?


              Four real estate market prices in 2019 differ. The lowest average sale price of $436,400 to the higher sales price average of $479,000.


              Got Questions About National City Home Prices?

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              National City Attractions


              The National City government website lists many attractions.

              The National City Marine Terminal the most advanced vehicle export and import facilities on the West Coast. Over 270,000 vehicles pass through this terminal annually.


              National City Shopping

              National City boasts a large shopping area. Six major shopping centers include:

              Looking to buy a car? Go to the “Mile of Cars” with over 20 different car dealerships selling more than 5,000 cars.


              National City CA Real Estate Spotlight Pepper Park Lawn


              National City Parks

              National City maintains over 87 acres of parkland including:

              The city government’s website?describes the facilities and services in their parks. It also?allows reserving facilities, picnic areas, and their baseball diamonds for exclusive use.


              National City Recreation

              The National City Golf Course loved by golfers of all ages. Discounts for city residents.

              Las Palmas Pool, the National City community Olympic sized pool.

              Six community recreation centers offering over 20 different classes in crafts, dance, and athletics. All ages welcome.


              National City Historical Sites

              The city’s vintage Victorian homes include four listed in the National Register of Historic Places including:


              Community Events

              The city government provides a continuing year-round Calendar of Events. Here

              The National City Chamber of Commerce also provides a different Calendar of Events. Here


              National City Restaurants


              The Yellow Pages offers recommendations for the best National City restaurants:

              Casa De Oro Restaurant rated 5 Stars (out of 5) for Mexican food including popular breakfasts. View their website. Here

              Cafe La Maze got 4.5 Stars and a BBB Rating of A+ for their BBQ food and steaks. View their menu. Here

              Waterfront Grill rated 4.5 Stars with a BBB Rating of A+ for their traditional American food. View their menu. Here

              Royal Mandarin Restaurant receiving 4.5 Stars for their Asian cuisine. View their menu. Here

              Ginza Sushi rated 4.5 Stars for their Japanese cuisine. Their sushi is very popular. View the menu. Here

              Senor Pancho Fresh Mexican got 4.5 Stars for their authentic Mexican food. View their menu. Here

              La Bella Pizza received 4 Stars and a BBB Rating of A+ for their pizzas. View their menu. Here

              Home Town Buffet gets 4 Stars for their buffet. View their website, Here

              Outback Steakhouse got 4 Stars for their Australian themed steakhouse food. View their menu. Here

              Ching’s Famous Hopia earned 4 Stars for their Filipino cuisine. Customers rave about their fresh-baked Hopia.



              National City Schools


              The National School District maintains its website. Here

              The Great Schools Organization rates the following National City schools as the best:


              Elementary Schools

              Integrity Charter School rated 6 (out of 10) teaching grades K-8 with around 320 students.

              Palmer Way also rated a 6 teaching grades K-6 with around 590 students.


              Middle School

              Integrity Charter School rated 6 teaching grades K-8 with around 320 students.


              High School

              Sweetwater High School (in nearby Sweetwater) rated 5 teaching grades 9-12 with around 2,700 students.




              This National City CA real estate spotlights the second oldest city in San Diego County.

              Centrally located with a 21-minute drive to Tijuana, Mexico and 11 minutes to San Diego.

              Residents and visitors enjoy the many parks, historic sites, public golf course, and Olympic size community pool. They also like the six large shopping centers and mile-long car dealerships.

              Dine in the 5 Star Mexican restaurant and five 4.5 Star restaurants.

              Even though four sites differ about the average sales prices for National City homes may confuse you. We have answers.

              Contact Us to discover the current prices for homes in National City.

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